The material and resources presented on this website do not provide an exhaustive archive for all information pertaining to dam failures and incidents. Amendments as well as additions to the lessons learned and case study summaries on this website are welcomed and encouraged. As part of the initial website development, a list of nearly 200 lessons learned and more than 600 case studies were identified as potential content for this resource. The ASDSO Dam Failures Investigations Committee will be developing additional lessons learned and case studies that will be added to this website as time and resources permit.

If you would like to contribute new lessons learned or case studies to this website or provide comments, edits, or additional content to one already developed, please complete the applicable portions of the form below and return it to [email protected]. Photos, videos, technical papers and other reference files that you would like to share should also be included, if available. Please note that all submissions will be reviewed for content accuracy and relevancy by subject matter experts. If accepted for publication, acknowledgement of source material will be given as appropriate. Please call us or send us an email with your comments along with any new information you would like to provide.

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